스위스 겨울 2013

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스위스는 벌써 깊은 겨울이에요~ 취리히시내는 아름다운 크리스마스 불빛으로 화려하고요~☆ 춥고 눈오는건 아주 싫어하는데 이 사진들을 보면 마음이 설래네요!

크리스마스 전에 꼭 음식 레시피 올리겠습니다! ㅠ


I’m alive!

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My apologies once again for being such an ass in posting new stories of my life behind the stove. Being on holiday, I thought I would have PLENTY of spare time to do some catching up on cooking and blogging… But no. LESS time is what I actually ended up having during the past few weeks! I have been doing some awesome stuff though… Not that you might get the idea that I was lying around the house, being lazy or something 🙂

Just to name some of the things I did:

I bought a car. Yaay!

went to the zoo

got a tattoo

got a new apartment

took my car on a road trip

helped my mom guide our Korean visitors around

and… chilled

See? I haven’t been lazy at ALL! In fact, I was so busy I got sick in the end.

Enjoy the pics you guys!












I love this mirror.

Autumn in Seoul~ (가을의 품격)

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Many of my mom’s friends envy her for a reason I don’t consider very… unique. They envy her for having a daughter who spends most of her free time with her mom. The daughter being me, of course ~^^

So once again, I spent one of my free afternoons with my mom and we headed to a nearby hill called Namsan. It’s in the middle of Seoul, right next to the famous Namdaemun Market and Myungdong. We walked up from the cable car platform in the direction of a beautiful and delicious restaurant called Mok Myuk San Bang (목멱 산방).

I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my afternoons. Really.

This was our lunch in the restaurant mentioned above. Bulgogi Bibimbap (불고기 비빔밥). They also serve the meatless version and have a large selection of traditional Korean tea. It’s a great place to gather with friends for an afternoon stroll and cup of tea. Make sure you call in advance to make a reservation before going there though, otherwise you’ll end up eating outside under a heat mushroom like we did.

The next two pictures were taken in Garosugil near Sinsa station. (가로수길) It’s a trendy place to go shopping and there are lot’s of cute boutiques and cafés (Per Se) to enjoy your afternoon.

Sweet Autumn in Seoul (가을아~ 가지마)

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When I tell my friends back home that I live in South Korea, one of the most frequent questions asked is: “Do you have 4 seasons?”

Hell yeah we do! And by that I don’t mean ordinary 4 seasons like we have in European cities. Not the same old brown leaves shrivelling and falling to the ground with a cracking sound. Not the boring bare, grey trees that line the streets, ready to get covered in white powdered snow.

The seasons I’m talking about here in South Korea are different. Way different. Spring is filled with the lovely scent of white and baby-pink cherry blossoms, while autumn… well, I don’t know. Autumn does what it wants to with nature. Sometimes snow, other times wind and rain. But it also paints the most wonderful and breathtaking scenes no artist could ever create.

Feast your eyes on the pictures below and you’ll know what I mean.


I hope you felt the feeling of a true Seoul Autumn!

Unfortunately, I will be heading back to Switzerland in December… So hopefully, before that, I will be able to share some more awesome pictures from this even more awesome city!

The pictures above were taken on my stroll with my mom from Exit 12 of Samgakji station (line 6) to Noksapyung and up to Namsan Tower.

Hot Summer

June 17, 2012 § 1 Comment

I’m sweating. I’m doing nothing at all and just sitting here in my apartment. But I’m sweating. That’s how hot it is right now here in Seoul. If it were just hot, I wouldn’t mind. But it’s hot AND the humidity feels like it’s around 90%… So basically, the minute you walk out of your home, you feel sticky and wet. Gross…

On hot days like today, you would think the best dish to eat is something cold, like Naengmyun, Kong Guksu and for dessert Pat Bingsu. Some people do, and I’m sure it helps them cool off for a while. The REAL foodies have a different secret though.

The best thing to eat on days when it get’s really hot is Samgyetang. It’s probably the hottest (not spicyiest) dish here in Korea, so be careful not to burn your tongue and ruin all your tastebuds! Samgyetang is a Chicken soup boiled for a long time with Jujubes, Ginseng,  Glutinous rice, Chesnuts and lot’s and lot’s of Garlic.

It may seem obsurd to think of eating a hot bowl of soup like this on a hot day, but believe me: IT WORKS MIRACLES!

I had this amazing Samgyetang near Seoul National University Station. It was huge and hot ’till the last spoon. This restaurant added alot of Mung Beans to the glutinous rice. It was completely new to me, but totally delicious and I will definitely go back there again before summer ends! 

Restaurant: 풍년옥

Busan Part 2

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My purpose of travelling is to eat new dishes and specialities from around the country. The best way to achieve this, is to eat at places where there are tonns of locals. It’s a simple rule I taught myself over the years. Eat what the locals eat and you will rarely be disappointed. The same rule applies to eating Korean food in a foreign country. Let’s take Switzerland, for example. When you’re looking for a good Korean restaurant, pick the one with the most Koreans sitting inside. Simple, isn’t it? 🙂

So, while I was in Busan over the weekend, I decided to avoid the tourist areas like Haeundae. Instead, I went to a place called Taejongdae. It’s located about 30 minutes from the city centre and best reached by taxi. Tell the taxi driver to take you to the Jogae Gui (Grilled Mussels, Scallops, and other shellfish) place and he will know exactly where to take you.

This is what we had for dinner. A glass of ice cold beer and it couldn’t have been more perfect!

You will be dropped off at a place like this.A street near the beach, lined with stalls like the one in the picture. 

You will be asked if you’d like the 30’000 won, 40’000 won or the 50’000 won menu. We chose the 30’000 won menu and recieved the following. Mussels in a Mussel broth.

Scallops, some prawns and other shellfish. 

Grilling the scallops. The small pieces of butter and vegetables in each shell will give the scallops a wonderful taste and texture while being grilled. 

After grilling and eating every edible on the table, ask the waiter to fry some rice for you. He will use the marinade including the onions from one of your scallop dishesand simply fry some rice with dried seaweed in it. It was the highlight of the evening. 

Busan Part 1: Snacks

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Luckily, for me, Korea has many public holidays. Last Monday was Buddha’s Birthday, which meant that I had a day off from work, which also meant that I had a 3-day weekend!

I couldn’t bear the idea of sitting around at home and doing nothing, so I packed my bags and headed South towards good ol’ Busan. To the sea. After a 5 hour train ride, I had finally arrived at my destination. I could smell the ocean, feel the salt in my hair and knew instantly that I would have a great time here!

Unlike the Jeolla province, Gyungsang province isn’t very famous for its food. Busan still had some famous dishes worth trying. For instance, raw fish and other raw sea creatures (Hoe), Pork knuckles served with chilled vegetables (Naengchae Jokbal), cold noodles served in a chilled meat broth (Milmyun), grilled mussels and scallops (Jogae Gui), pork broth with rice (Doeji Gukbab) and the list goes on…

Take a look at some of the sweet snacks I grabbed during my trip.

My tastebuds had a party.

Ssiat Hottteok: Korean stickyrice doughnut filled with cinnamon sugar and nuts

Cherries in a paper cone

Shaved Greentea Ice with greentea ice cream, cream, nuts and sweet redbeans (azuki beans)

Pat Bingsu

To let you know my opinion on Pat Bingsu: Many Bakeries and Coffeshops offer Bingsu in Summer. The main ingredients are shaved ice, condensed milk, sweet red beans and rice cakes. Some people like their Bingsu topped with ice cream, other prefer cornflakes, sprinkles, fruits etc. I prefer to keep it nice and simple.

Personally, this Bingsu is my alltime favorite! Served at Café Bene and the name is BingsuGreentea Bingsu. It’s absolutely delicious due to the fresh taste of greentea, mixed with the nutty flavour of the many almonds and the sweetness from the ice cream and red beans.

It’s a real summer treat and a must-try when travelling to Korea in Summer!

Honey Bread: Ggulppang

Flat Mandu / Dumplings (Napjjack Mandu)

Fruit Candy

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