Long time no post

May 22, 2014 § Leave a comment

Hello dear followers!

Wow, it’s been ages since I’ve written or uploaded anything on my blog… I really miss doing one of my favorite activities, which is cooking and bloggin so much! BUT I simply did not have time for the past YEAR almost… this is sincerely embarrassing.

Nevertheless, I just wanted to let you know that I still appreciate your comments and visits!!!

Just to update you with some info about my life:

– Started working as a school teacher last summer

– Began my Master’s degree in October

-Got back with my amazing boyfriend in winter

– Been to Berlin for my studies twice since

– Visited Shanghai and Seoul recently

– Been working on a cook book (mainly Korean dishes with a slight fusion touch)

– Making plans to go back to Korea soon


There. Haven’t I been busy? So let me share some pictures with y’all so that you can take part in some simple pleasures in my life.

cherry blossom korean dinner 1231505_10153864129705156_616267105_n 539157_10153275758610156_998834293_n 1922441_10154071107890156_4201168729146341173_n 1959226_10154071107330156_9221291255842378634_n 1378139_10153288919495156_584589044_n 1379628_10153288919285156_1942234143_n 10153231_10154076283115156_631352711973718218_n 10405262_10154145844755156_3307146349979325645_n 10177309_10154071109105156_3000508115215920732_n 10366141_10154149919655156_1800053129046598727_n


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